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Everything you wanted to know about LotRO but were too busy fending off an invasion of Uruk-hai to find out


It can be scary and intimidating to enter an MMO for the first time, especially if that game's been out for a number of years. So many possibilities, so many unknown factors, so much to learn -- we wouldn't blame you if liquid started pouring from your ocular sockets. With so many new players giving Lord of the Rings Online a test drive these past few weeks, it stands to reason that there are a few who feel utterly, completely lost.

Who will ever save us from this lack of knowledge? Look! Up in the sky! It's a new LotRO dev diary!

In the eloquently titled "New Player Tips and Hints," Turbine provides four pages of need-to-know info about how to survive and succeed in Middle-earth. While some of the tips are common knowledge to any MMO player, there's still enough here to recommend to an experienced MMO vet who might be new to LotRO. The article covers how to gather information, basic tips and hints, integrated system tips and combat tips. You can read the whole shebang over at LotRO's site.

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