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PIRO's Windoro bot cleans windows Roomba-style


We all need a little more Roomba in our lives. PIRO's Windoro promises to do for windows what the Roomba does for floors, with a flat, autonomous robot free-roaming across a surface and cleaning it in the process. Of course, it's a little tougher to cling to a window than to crawl across carpet, so Windoro is a two part bot, connected to its reciprocal cleaning companion via neodymium magnets. Unfortunately it seems like it'd be a bit of a pain to get these two started and to switch windows -- for windows that don't open it would require two people, and for windows that do open it would still be pretty treacherous. Maybe something has been lost in translation, or maybe we just don't get it, but PIRO expects 50 billion won in sales (about $43 million US). No word on how much the bot will cost, video of the bot's streak-free results are after the break.

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