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Production exec talks Shadow of the Colossus film, future Team Ico projects

Justin McElroy

Though the game is back in the spotlight thanks to an upcoming HD re-release, things have been quiet on the Shadow of the Colossus film since we first heard about it in April of last year. Play Till Doomsday and GameNorth's interview with production executive Kevin Ping Chang is a bit light on details about the film, but it's nice to know things are still moving forward.

In the interview, Chang talks about the narrative difficulties in bringing the episodic (think: one colossus per episode) structure of the game to a two-hour film, and hints that adaptations of other Fumito Ueda games like Ico and The Last Guardian could be in the cards if this one pans out. Listen, Kevin, we're happy to see you're passionate, but let's take this one movie at a time, okay? Don't want to put the cart before the gigantic, furry dragon horse.

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