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Ricoh's rugged G700SE point-and-shoot does Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and more (eyes-on)

Darren Murph

And you thought Ricoh's G700 was fully featured. Premiering at Photokina this week, the souped-up G700SE is a modified version of the G700 that appeared last month, with this guy able to accept add-on modules that can boost functionality by a good bit. The prototype unit here in Germany was showcased alongside of the GP-1 GPS dongle and a BR-1 bar code scanning module, with the latter meant more for governments and enterprises. It's still encased in a dust- and water-resistant shell, and it packs integrated 802.11b/g WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR to boot. All of the other specs remain the same from the original G700 (which you can peek here), and if you're looking to buy one, you'll have to wait until the earlier half of 2011 for it to splash down at around €799 ($1,070) -- according to booth representatives, anyway.

Oh, and for fans of the GXR series, we stumbled upon an A12 28mm f/2.5 lens module that'll slot right into the company's interchangeable camera starting in Q4. So long as you have €649 ($869) to spare.

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