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Rumor: Activision gearing up for NASCAR game

If EA's cancellation of its series of NASCAR games has left your need -- your need for speed -- unsatisfied, you'll want to wish on all your lucky stars that this particular rumor is legit. A since-closed thread on the forums of developer Eutechnyx purportedly includes a logo and concept art for NASCAR 2011. VG247 reports that UK sources have confirmed that the title is real and will be published by Activision.

Eutechnyx's Dave Thompson explained to a stock car enthusiast on Twitter that "an announcement is being made soon about our plans," so we shouldn't have to wait long to see if this story pans out. In any event, we're going to go watch Days of Thunder and Talladega Nights a few times so we can stock up on references -- if we end up writing about a NASCAR game over the next year, we're going to need something to say.

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