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Tear through mobs galore in Dynasty Warriors Online

Had a frustrating day? Just in the mood to feel obscenely powerful? Like lots of hack-and-slash? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we've got an MMO you'll want to keep an eye on. The newest update from Dynasty Warriors Online features a preview video chock-full of crazy fighting action. We're not just talking interesting moves, here -- we mean these weapons seem to cut through mobs like a freakin' lawnmower.

Dynasty Warriors Online from Tecmo Koei and Aeria Games offers lots of old-school weapons like nun-chucks and staves, as well as more imaginative weapons like the Beast Gauntlets. Giant swords, maces, and axes feature in the action too, if you prefer something a bit larger-than-life. Sound like your kind of stress-release game? After you've checked out the screenshots below and the video behind the break, head on over to the shiny new Dynasty Warriors site to sign up for beta. Gratuitous slaughter awaits!

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