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WAR celebrates second anniversary, offers vet rewards

Jef Reahard

Its hard to believe that Warhammer Online turns two this week, but at least Bioware-Mythic is rolling out the veteran rewards to ease the sting of getting older. While many things have changed in the course of the game's first two years (including Mythic's absorption by BioWare, the departure of head man Mark Jacobs, and the debut of the endless free trial), the WAAAGH! remains the same.

In addition to the constant strains of battle, dedicated 24-month players can now make use of the Double Aegis which gives an experience bonus to surrounding players, much like the one-year anniversary WAR Aegis. Vets also receive a regenerating firework launcher which, unlike the majority of fluff fireworks in other games, never exhausts itself and can be used indefinitely. Finally, a celebratory veteran cloak is also available. Check out the details at the Warhammer Herald.

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