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Atlantis surfaces in Bounty Bay Online

Long ago thought lost, the lands of Atlantis have resurfaced in Frogster Interactive's Bounty Bay Online! The new area offers two new islands for players to check out: Bimini and the Northern Islands. The free expansion also offers a wealth of new content for players at endgame, as well as some modifications to systems that will make the game more enjoyable overall. To top it all off, all Bounty Bay Online players of all levels will get twice the experience all weekend long to celebrate!

Players will find a new level cap of 150, crafting improvements, tricky treasure map puzzles, an all-new achievement system, quests, and several new dungeons among the numerous additions. In short, this new update is absolutely bountiful! If you'd like more details or to sign up for some historical(esque) MMO free-to-play fun, head on over to the Bounty Bay Online site!

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