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Huawei breaks DSL speed barrier with 700Mbps prototype

Vlad Savov

DSL cables might not really be the sexiest thing in networking anymore, but what they are is ubiquitous, so let's not begrudge Huawei its feat here. The Chinese telecoms facilitator has shown off a new prototype that can pump 700Mbps of data across a 400-meter expanse. This is done by bundling four twisted pairs of copper wire together and sprinkling in some fairy dust to make them communicate at 175Mbps each. The clever bit here is in how crosstalk and interference are minimized, and Huawei claims a 75 percent improvement in bandwidth as a result. An immediate opportunity for these new cables will be, ironically, with fiber rollouts, as they could serve as the last connection between fiber hubs and your home. Then again, with Google and Chattanooga already looking at 1Gbps lanes, maybe the day of the copper wire has already passed?

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Huawei Makes DSL Breakthrough with World' s First 700Mbps Prototype

SuperMIMO technology enables operators to build high-bandwidth, cost-effective, and future-proof broadband access networks

[Hong Kong, China, 21 September, 2010] Huawei, a leader in providing next-generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world, announced that it has showcased a 700Mbps DSL prototype in Hong Kong – the first of its kind in the world – that enables operators worldwide to build high-bandwidth, cost-effective, and future-proof broadband access networks with SuperMIMO technology. This prototype far exceeds the industry' s current DSL broadband wireline communications technology, which reaches a data rate of 100Mbps, and is better suited to meet the needs of operators supporting ultra broadband services.

You Yiyong, President of Huawei's Access Network Product Line, said, "DSL technologies for broadband access are showing great market potential. As a leader in the development of DSL technologies, our newest DSL prototype demonstrates our commitment to providing customer-centric and groundbreaking solutions and services for operators to enhance their competitiveness and profitability."

SuperMIMO technology uses four twisted pairs to achieve a downstream rate of 700Mbps at a distance of 400 meters. This innovative technology methodically addresses crosstalk among multiple twisted pairs and dramatically increases DSL bandwidth by 75 percent, from an average of 100Mbps per twisted pair to approximately 175Mbps. Leveraging SuperMIMO, Huawei' s 700Mbps DSL prototype accommodates high-speed FTTB/FTTC access and bandwidth-hungry private line applications, such as base station access.

Huawei's FTTx products and solutions are currently servicing many of the world's major carriers, including China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Vodafone, France Telecom, and Telecom Italia, offering users new high-speed Internet and fixed-mobile convergence services and enriching people's lives through communication.

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