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NBC says no to iTunes rentals at 99 cents


With reports of credit cards being charged for Apple TV pre-orders, it's only a short time before Apple's hobby takes a rather serious step forward. But with only ABC and Fox having signed up to Apple's new $0.99 price point to rent television shows, it seems there's a lot hanging in the balance. Most notably, for Apple - and for those that purchase the Apple TV - whether other large television studios will follow suit and get on board with Apple's new strategy.

Recently, we reported that Warner Bros. was not best pleased with Apple's new TV episode price point. And now NBC has chimed in, too. Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Investor conference, Chief Executive of NBC Universal Jeff Zucker said, "We do not think 99 cents is the right price point for our content," and continued by saying, "We thought it would devalue our content." As reported by AppleInsider.

But Apple's been at loggerheads with NBC before. Back in 2007, NBC decided not to renew its contract with Apple, resulting in NBC content being removed from the iTunes store, rather abruptly. NBC wanted the price point to be raised to $4.99 per TV episode, and that was three years ago. Eventually NBC came good with Apple, with NBC content being restored to the iTunes Store.

Could history be repeating itself again? We're inclined to think so. Though Apple's new TV platform doesn't have everything going for it, it's certainly got a lot in its favor. And, as always, time will tell if Apple's going in the right direction, again.

Be sure to let us know when your new Apple TV arrives at your door.

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