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One Shots: Everybody smile for the camera!

When it comes to stylish rides, there's something to be said for having one of the new swift shark mounts in Wizard101! Not only can the sharks cross from land to water, but they also have an excellent smile, perfect for fun screenshots like today's One Shots. This image comes to us from Leesha Darkheart and was taken at a recent in-game party. We'll let her explain this smiling group: "[This] is a pic of some friends and me hanging out at the Ravenwood Radio podcast in-game after-party this week. We decided to have a swimming party in the new underwater zone, Crab Alley, on our new swift shark mounts. The shark mounts are really awesome-looking and have great animations. They chomp at the bit every once in a while and bounce up really far when you jump. Makes the sparkle pony look like chopped liver."

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