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Super Meat Boy to be injected with delicious free levels

From what we've seen from Team Meat's challenging, retro-inspired XBLA platformer Super Meat Boy, the game's already packed with countless hours of missed jumps and gruesome deaths. Still, that hasn't stifled the developer's lofty plans for expansion -- Team Meat's Edmund McMillen recently explained to MTV Multiplayer that the game will have a level called "Teh Internets," a world that can (and will!) be automatically updated with free level packs using the "Title Managed Storage" system we learned about from the release of Monday Night Combat.

Each pack will contain 20 new levels, all belonging to a different theme -- for instance, a pack titled "The Butcher Boy" places you in the shoes of an 8-bit Meat Boy, and will be available on launch day, October 20. McMillen explained on the game's official site that the long-term goal is to release the game's level editor "no more than six months after the PC version ships," and start putting player-made creations on Teh Internets. We hope the chosen creators don't have a mean streak -- the game's hard enough as is.

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