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Vindictus' Evie offers a-mage-ing moves

Evie is not content to summon a wicked-looking golem to fight for her side, no! Details are coming to light that Evie, the recently introduced mage character in Nexon's free-to-play hack-and-slasher, Vindictus, will be bringing even more pain through additional magical means. Equipped with a staff at earlier stages, she will change to rather wicked-looking battle-scythes later in the game. Furthermore, one of her most insane attacks at low level is the Firebolt attack, which will not only grant high damage, but will add a knockback effect, if it remains true to the original version.

To add to this wee, juicy tidbit of information, we understand that the key to Evie's survival is a five-layer shield, which gives her the ability to resist most attacks without major loss of hitpoints or mana. Considering the majority of MMO mages tend to be high-DPS glass cannons, Evie's ability to shield without major mana or health drain is likely welcome news for those who prefer crazy-damage casters but hate spending time studying floor textures while waiting for a rez. In all, the game is still in beta, so these details may well change before launch -- but it sounds pretty awesome to us so far.

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