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City of Heroes offers a new developer diary on the alignment system

Eliot Lefebvre

City of Heroes players have been enjoying the newest expansion for just a little over a month now, bringing with it the long-awaited abilities for players to change their alignment. It seems like a natural extension of the game's comic book roots, after all -- you can hardly throw a rock in certain books without finding some major character who's a former villain. But with all that we've heard about the expansion's development, the subject of the alignment system has been fairly quiet, up until the most recent development diary by Shawn "Pit" Pitman.

The diary goes into detail on the genesis of the alignment system from a concept into execution, as well as some of the larger changes put into place to facilitate the shift. For instance, one of the major shifts was that the alignment and tips missions would feature their own little gallery of recurring characters, rather than a steady set of existing major story NPCs such as Statesman. City of Heroes players curious about how the game bridged the gap between good and evil are encouraged to take a look at the full diary.

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