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Lumiotec's OLED lighting panel gets video reviewed, throws down versus a bright group of competitors


Those of you waiting for a hands-on evaluation of the Lumiotec OLED lighting development kit before cranking up the Bieber, throwing on some acid-washed overalls, and converting your bathroom into Club 54 can now rest easy. That's because the folks at have thrown some light on the situation via a video review of the device, and even managed to cobble together a battle royal with other disco-worthy OLED options including the Philips Lumiblade and Osram Orbeos panel. Key points made in the review include that the 15 x 15 cm Lumiotec panel, "feels good to touch" and "is much brighter, [than the competitors] but you know it's a lot bigger". With such decisive words like those, there shouldn't be anything stopping you from snagging a few $934 kits in anticipation of your homebrew Mo' Money Mo' Problems video reenactment. If you're still not convinced by our paraphrasing however, feel free to illuminate yourself by watching the entire review after the break.

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