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Nintendo offers impractical solution to Metroid: Other M bug in Japan

With a regular software update framework in place, Nintendo would have no problem patching out a recently discovered, game-breaking bug in Metroid: Other M. Unfortunately, such a system doesn't really exist, leaving the company to adopt a more ... unique approach to solving the problem. Nintendo is asking people living in Japan who have experienced the bug to send the SD card or Wii console with their game save on it to its Kyoto-based service center.

We've contacted Nintendo of America to see if it's come up with a more practical -- or any -- approach to fixing the issue. As it stands right now, homebrewers had a fix ready to go about a week ago, and that's ... well, that's just silly.

Update: NoA has posted a detailed explanation of the issue on a support page where it describes how to both create and avoid the bug. If you mistakenly did the former (or were just plain curious), there are also instructions to "set up a repair" and send Nintendo your save file on an SD card. Hopefully, it won't have to travel all the way to Kyoto and back.

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