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Wizup emerges from Windows Phone 7 developer challenge: think Shazam, but for ads

Darren Murph

It's not a brand new concept or anything, but rather than forcing mobile users to scan QR codes in order to access more information about a given product or advertisement, Wizup is able to recognize far more esoteric items. Created as a part of the Windows Phone 7 developer challenge, this piece of software is able to listen to radio stations (at least in France), understand images from magazines and even recognize TV channels. Simply snap a picture or let it listen in (much like Shazam for song titles), and it then delivers all sorts of germane content to the mobile's screen. It's a dream come true for marketers, but better still, it makes digging for more information a whole lot easier on the end user. Head on past the break for a demonstration video -- if you've been denying it thus far, good luck as you continue to resist the Augmented Reality Revolution.

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