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WoW Moviewatch: The Lake


Good day, friends! It is I, Mathew, once again stepping in for the illustrious grand master of Moviewatch, Mr. Michael Gray. He's on assignment. Somewhere. Probably at the bottom of a ditch. It was a long weekend, let me tell you.

Horror abounds in The Lake, an awesome entry in the 2010 48 Hour Film Project. The Lake took home awards for Best Directing, Best Acting, Best Use of Prop and Best Use of Line. Congratulations are in order -- and once you watch, you'll see why. Almost Wicker Man-esque (the original Wicker Man from 1973, which is completely and utterly awesome, and not the Nicolas Cage abomination from 2006), The Lake masterfully uses some of horror's basic conventions to tell a fun and simple story. Plus it was all done in 48 hours! One of the things that is definitely not on the list of things I can do in 48 hours is make a movie of this quality.

The voice acting stands out as excellent (technically, award-worthy!), and all in all, it's a great piece. Congratulations on all the wins, guys!

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