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You can buy your own SNES retail display unit


An eBay user by the name of rifaavalon recently tipped us off to an item of interest that's currently on his storefront: An SNES retail display unit. This relic comes with an illuminated case, a monitor, a console and two built-in controllers -- but no games. (We're sure you have some lying around.)

The opening bid for the display unit is $100, which may seem a tad high for a secondhand video game console cage at first glance. Then again, think of it this way -- you're not just buying a demo unit, you're buying history. Think of all the shoppers this thing distracted with its 16-bit siren song. Better yet, think of all the hand grime that's been baked onto those controllers! Those things could probably be used to re-clone a good portion of the human race in the event of some catastrophic disaster.

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