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Are you using Apple's Ping?


Ping is Apple's first earnest foray into the social network game. Introduced with iTunes 10, Ping lets users see the music their friends are buying from the iTunes Store, leave comments, and point out what they like.

There are also several musicians participating. The more active among them post photos and videos, stories, and so on. It's a young network with lots of potential, but for now, some folks are less than impressed. A recent update to iTunes put Ping in your music library (it used to be limited to the iTunes Store) and added a big 'ol sidebar.

Our question to you is: are you using it? I'll admit that my interest has waned, and that's because nearly all of the updates I see are of the "[Person X] is now following [Person Y]" variety, which isn't very interesting. Perhaps if the artists I followed were a bit more active, I might use it more.

Am I the only one? Complete our short poll below and let us know if you're using Ping. We'll post the results at a later time.


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