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First Look: Updated Apple Remote app on an iPad

Mel Martin

As we reported earlier, Apple has updated the free Remote app for iPhone and iPad. It's about time. The new version looks fine on the iPad since it is not up-scaled. To pair the Remote software to your iTunes library, you must enter a 4-digit code* into iTunes on your Mac. From there, you are on the way. You only need to pair once.

Control over Wi-Fi is fast and responsive. The iPad makes a really nice remote for controlling media. Sonos will also soon offer an iPad remote (to join its popular iPhone app) for its whole house music system, and there are a few more solutions out there.

On the iPhone or iPod touch, the app looks quite nice, and it supports the Retina display if you have appropriate hardware. The new version supports the new Apple TV, but one doesn't adorn my media room, so I can't comment on how well it works.

While testing the app, the only thing that I felt is missing is the ability to stream from your iTunes library back to your iPhone or iPad. Plug in some headphones or powered speakers, and you have a really nice, well-stocked music system. Sure, there are other solutions to this problem, but it would be nice if Apple offered a direct one and not just AirPlay. Criticisms aside, it's nice to see this app updated after all these months.

*Several readers have pointed out that Home Share eliminates the need to enter the 4-digit code when pairing iTunes Library and the App. -Ed

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