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Earthrise's Atanas Atanasov strikes back

Jef Reahard

Masthead's Atanas Atanasov returns with another interview about the studio's upcoming Earthrise MMORPG. This time around, the focus is fairly general, with topics ranging from the economy, to PvP, to the type of player that will enjoy Earthrise. "While casual players can enjoy the game without going too in-depth, the interwoven player-run economy and complex social competition for influence and resources provide addictive mechanics for hardcore players to fine-tune their characters," he says.

With over 800 crafting technologies and a skill-based combat engine, the game aims to provide plenty of sandbox for players looking for something outside the mainstream of the holy trinity quest grinder. Earthrise also looks to depart from the norm by encouraging player interaction, to the point that Atanasov says it will be hard to progress on your own. "There are no rats that can drop you a high-tier rifle; no bosses with epic loot that out-stats every other item in the game; no quest will supply you with good gear - you have to rely on crafting or larceny to earn your bread," he says.

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