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Newest class revealed for Mythos encourages others to give blood

Eliot Lefebvre

Mythos, the upcoming Diablo-style action MMO, has not shown its first three classes to be subtle creatures. The first two revealed, the pyromancer and the gadgeteer, both showed their aptitudes for wide-scale destruction. However, the newest class reveal is even more direct -- the bloodletter. It's both a class name and description of what the class specializes in doing. This class is a master of blood and causing grievous bodily harm to everything within range, and it seems quite well-suited to doing just that.

As with other classes, the bloodletter has three different specializations available. The crimsonate gouges opponents and derives sustenance from their injuries, the red hand uses a necromantic control of blood to summon minions and turn corpses into weapons, and the martialist discards pseudo-mystical abilities in favor of brutal expertise with weaponry. Take a look at the full class page for preview screenshots as well as short movies demonstrating the class capabilities, all fine demonstrations of what to expect from what may be the most direct class in Mythos.

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