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Sega planning six titles for 3DS in FY11, including Monkey Ball

Sega outlined part of its plans for Nintendo's new handheld during last night's press conference. During the next fiscal year (which runs until March 31, 2012), Sega plans to release six titles for the 3DS, only two of which have been detailed: Super Monkey Ball and ... something Sonic-flavored.

While the identity of the latter is still relatively up in the air, the spherical simian platformer has already gotten a bit of screen time. Sega Europe revealed a few key features of Super Monkey Ball 3D (working title), such as offering the player a choice between using the 3DS' touch pad or tilt controls to maneuver their monkey. The game will also have four-player wireless modes, such as Monkey Race and Monkey Fight, which we thought had been outlawed in most civilized territories of the world. Check out some screenshots from Super Monkey Ball 3D below.

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