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Sonos delivers free iPad remote for its wireless music systems

Mel Martin

It must be 'iPad Remote Week' because hot on the heels of Apple releasing iTunes remote control for the iPad, Sonos has delivered a very nice, free iPad remote that is feature complete, and elegant in execution.

Previously, Sonos owners had to make do with the iPhone version of the app, which only ran in portrait mode and had to upscale to fill the iPad screen. That's all fixed now, with the delivery of the Sonos Controller for iPad. I gave it a run through last night, and it is a pleasure to use. The larger iPad screen means most functions are right on the front page, so there's no hunting around for hidden functions. You get album art, zone control, and music source selection at the tap of a finger.

Installing the app requires a software update to all your home controllers and Zone Players to version 3.3. That can be accomplished right from the new iPad remote, and the software will notify you if you need to update.

The 3.3 update adds support for AAC streaming radio stations, and for European countries, it adds the popular Spotify service. The iPhone version of the Sonos app has not been updated since May, and Sonos says an update to that app is pending approval from Apple.

The Sonos system is not inexpensive, but it is a bargain compared to wired whole-house systems. For your investment, you get a very easy to set up entertainment center that you can add to as your desires dictate. The audio is very high quality, and the company commitment to the Mac platform is very strong.

Check the gallery for some screenshots.

Gallery: Sonos Controller for iPad | 4 Photos

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