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TUAW's Daily App: Movie Night Out


Movie Night Out is a fun and free little app that can help with that seemingly ever-present question: "So what do you want to do tonight?" It's a piece of cake to use. Just punch in what you want to do for your movie night (maybe hit up some shopping, see the movie, and then grab dessert, or do dinner, check out an action hit, and then get coffee). The app will automatically find some options for each of your choices and put together a schedule that will let you do all three. You can check out information and reviews for all of the options, and even map out, share on Facebook or Twitter, or save your "night" for another time. There's not really anything here that you can't find in other apps, but the smooth interface and fun randomization of your choices make the free app worth a download.

If there's an issue, the app probably depends on where you're looking. I happened to try the app in the middle of Hollywood, and I'm pretty certain that if I tried it in a less populated place, there wouldn't have been as many places to go. The schedules were also a little fast; sometimes the app only offered 10 minutes to move from one place to another, even when they were a few miles apart (maybe that's easy to do elsewhere, but not so quick in the middle of Los Angeles). But nobody's really going to follow a schedule created by an app on movie night, right? If you find yourself needing some new suggestions the next time you want to head out on the town, give this one a download.

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