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Nation rejoices as Consumer Reports fixes crashing iPhone app

Mel Martin

It took about a month but now you can fearlessly click on some of the news headings in the free Consumer Reports app and not have it crash.

A couple of weeks ago we reported that the app was unstable after an iOS 4 update. As weeks went by, the app was not updated and had more crashes and explosions than an old Bruce Willis movie. We gave the app a 'not recommended' and felt CR could do better than offer a highly defective piece of software.

Now they've finally done it. The app no longer collapses when you select 'electronics', although CR says it has eliminated, for now, its Gas Prices info. Hey, I like Consumer Reports, and am even a subscriber. I find the reviews helpful, although I often differ with CR opinions on things I've owned and have experience with, like, oh, the iPhone maybe.

Anyway, the app now works, and I'm glad to put it back on my 'recommended' list. Now how about an iPad version? The iPhone version looks pretty fuzzy, and when you up-scale it, it's an eye-burner.

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