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BMW's official iPad integration: "heinous"

Keith M

The iPad is a wonderful device to consider integrating into one's car. Many have already gone the DIY route, mounting the device into a center console, for example. However, not everyone's handy enough or brave enough to hack their cars to pieces for these things, so it's comforting when something more "official" comes around.

BMW recently displayed their answer to an official integration of the iPad in their cars, at the Paris Auto Show. As Engaget puts it, the implementation is heinous. But, to be fair, if the goal of this integration is to allow backseat passengers to use an iPad hands-free, then what more can be done to fix it?

Integration of an iPad into a dashboard is one thing, but that's not going to solve the problem of passengers wanting to watch a video. A dashboard-mounted iPad is good for controlling music and following maps, but if you're using it to watch video, you've seriously got a screw loose.

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