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Facebook 'very confident' it can work with Ping


Last we heard, Facebook and the new iTunes-based social network Ping were at odds with each other, with Facebook providing "onerous terms" and Apple trying to hook into the bigger network anyway. But maybe they can still heal the rift. Facebook CTO Bret Taylor told Silicon Alley Insider that he's "very confident" that the two networks can find some common ground.

Unfortunately, he didn't say anything other than that, so as for what kind of common ground they'll find, that's still up in the air. But Apple would do well to enlist Facebook's help in their fledgling network, "onerous" as the terms may be. Ping is an interesting network, as we've said, but given the lack of action that I've seen in my own little slice of Ping lately, bringing in some links and eyeballs from a more active and veteran social network seems like it would be worth the compromise.

[via Cult of Mac]

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