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Pulse News Reader for iPad 2.0: More sources, better organization


Alphonso Labs reported today that their Pulse News Reader for iPad (currently US $1.99) has been updated to version 2.0. The new version of the app addresses one of the major complaints about the original by allowing up to 60 news feeds to be added, with up to 12 feeds on each of five pages.

Organization of sources is much easier in the new version. Each one of the five pages has a tab that can be renamed, so users can define each page by type -- for example, "Apple," "Food," "News," and more. The feeds are listed under each tab and can be dragged around to be placed in the order you would like to see them. It's also easier to find sources; when you go to add a source, there are tabs for "featured" and "categories," both featuring sources that look good in Pulse. Alphonso Labs calls this the "Pulse Bazaar."

The app seems snappier than the previous version also, both at startup and while loading or refreshing pages. I'm not sure if it's new, but it's possible to add both your Facebook and Twitter feeds to Pulse, with any post with a photo or link in it showing up in your Pulse list. There's also support for Bump, so you can share feeds with friends who have both Bump and Pulse installed. Sounds like a great update -- if you've had issues with the app previously, it's worth giving it another look.

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