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Warhammer producer's letter talks ORVR changes

Jef Reahard

Warhammer Online producer Carrie Gouskos has checked in with her monthly producer's letter, and the update has quite a few things to say about the two-year-old title's immediate future. First on the docket is a mention of the upcoming RVR pack, which will be bringing the new playable Skaven race, a Skaven-area play field, armor sets, and a renown cap increase.

Gouskos also talks at length about the new ORVR changes, which "represent a holistic attitude shift in our current gameplay offering within a single zone." Players will fight over battlefield objectives, which in turn will produce resource carriers that travel from the objective to their warcamp. The resources will be added either to the warcamp owner's total or the opposing force's total if they manage to intercept the carriers.

Resources will level your keep, and each level will provide corresponding benefits that aid in the destruction of your enemy. Check out all the details at the Warhammer Herald.

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