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Only 995,000 more requests before Capcom's Inafune considers a new Darkstalkers game


Fighting games have made a strong resurgence over the years, bringing back classic franchises like Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter and Tekken. But, what about Darkstalkers, Capcom's long-dormant 2D fighting series? While Capcom's Christian Svensson never dismissed the possibility, it seems as though the chances of a new iteration in the franchise are rather low. Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono told Eurogamer that making another game in the series would be his "ultimate dream." However, he says that only fan demand will cause it to happen.

"This is all up to the readers," Ono said. "They have to create the buzz. They have to tell us. They have to write the condition. They have to send in all these letters of plead. That is the only thing that will make Inafune-san nod." According to Ono, it will take one million requests before Inafune says yes. Unfortunately, not much progress has been made. When asked how many requests they've received so far, he said "we've got 5000."

You all have work to do.

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