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Glif would be an iPhone 4 stand, tripod mount


While I wait for Movie Peg to make a little doohickey for my iPhone 4, Dan Provost and Thomas Gerhardt have been working on a doohickey of their own, called the Glif. It will allow you to prop your iPhone 4 in a variety of positions for reading, typing with a Bluetooth keyboard, watching video, and so on.

The neat part is that it's also a tripod mount. Since the iPhone 4 shoots HD video, you can attach it to your tripod to shoot and then prop it up on a desk to review your footage. Neat, eh?

The guys are looking for funding to get an initial run produced, and they're looking for supporters. For US$20, you'll essentially pre-order a Glif while pushing them towards their goal of $10,000. (We don't know what happens if you donate and they fail to reach their goal.)

It's a cool-looking device. Good luck, guys. Click here to watch a promo video.

[Via Daring Fireball]

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