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Is Walmart the next iPad retailer?


Now that the iPad is officially available at Target (a discount department store here in the US), attention has turned to a suggestion that Walmart will carry the device before the year's end.

Back in May, Walmart's senior VP of entertainment for US stores, Gary Severson, told Blooomberg that he expected iPads to be on Walmart shelves "...later this year." With about two months worth of holiday shopping time left (not to mention calendar days for 2010), the clock is ticking on Severson's suggestion.

As of now, there are five iPad retailers in the US: Target, Best Buy, Micro Center, Amazon, and of course, Apple. Adding Walmart to the list would again greatly increase the number of customers who get to physically see an iPad as they're strolling the aisles with holiday dollars in their pockets. As Fortune reports, [Ed. note: this link is now dead, sorry for the inconvenience] there are 2,815 Walmart Supercenters and 774 Walmart Discount stores in the US.

Keep your eyes peeled, Walmart shoppers.

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