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Minecraft Halloween update adds new monsters, fishing, wristwatches

A blog post on the official website for the biggest indie hit in all of recorded human history, Minecraft, has revealed that a whole slew of new features will be added to the title as part of a "Halloween Update." These new features are fairly wide-reaching, including new monsters (which are "actually difficult this time around"), torches which eventually extinguish over time, fishing, the ability to fast travel by moving through an (assumedly dangerous) "hell world," and a craftable wristwatch, which lets players keep track of how much time is left in the day before the baddies rear their ugly heads.

There are also a few mechanical changes to the game planned for the October 31 update as well, such as new music and sounds, a few bug fixes and additional multiplayer functionality. We sure hope you can finish your to-scale recreation of the Taj Mahal before Halloween, because, man, it sounds your build site is going to get hazardous.

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