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NEC debuts VersaPro UltraLite VB laptop, Mate MG all-in-one for Japan


Like your computers to be all-business and only available in Japan? Then you might want to take a gander at NEC's latest duo, which includes the thin-and-light VersaPro UltraLite VB laptop, and the Mate MG all-in-one desktop (pictured after the break). Both of those are fairly mid-range when it comes to specs, with the laptop (a 12-incher) boasting either a Celeron, Core i3 or Core i5 processor and a range of basic configuration options, while the 19-inch desktop packs your choice of a Celeron or Core i5 processor and a somewhat unique power saving mode that uses a motion sensor to shut of the display when you leave the room. While they may not exactly be high-end, it doesn't look like these will come cheap -- look for the base model of the laptop to run ¥175,000 (or just over $2,000), while the desktop starts at ¥181,000 (or roughly $2,170).

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