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Ninja Theory hasn't planned Enslaved sequel, but 'would like something to happen'


Following the completion of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (and its release this week), Ninja Theory has turned to the next project on its plate, DmC: Devil May Cry. However, studio head Tameem Antoniades tells Eurogamer that an Enslaved sequel isn't entirely off the table. In fact, Antoniades says the studio has the "capacity to do two games."
"The thinking from the beginning was not to assume there would be a sequel -- just to put everything into this game. It's a new IP, so let's not plan for a sequel because the chances are we'll only disappoint ourselves. So we mentally prepared for that -- we've not planned for a sequel. But if it gains some traction, I'd like to see something happen."
Before there's any sequel talk, people will have to buy the game, of course. And Enslaved is going up against some stiff competition as the fall season ramps up; beginning this week with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. But, hey, even if a sequel's ruled out, at least there will be DLC.

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