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Screen Grabs: Nokia N8 endorsed by homicidal maniac

Vlad Savov

Screen Grabs chronicles the uses (and misuses) of real-world gadgets in today's movies and TV. Send in your sightings (with screen grab!) to screengrabs at engadget dt com.

Just look at that cold-blooded killer up there. And Dexter's no choir boy either! Yes, the Nokia N8 is well and truly out and about now, as evidenced by its first appearance on American television, serving as Dexter von Murderink's trusty sidekick. Nokia does deserve kudos for the subtle product placement here -- you wouldn't even know it was an N8 if you weren't looking out for that portly lens compartment and the signature shade of dark grey. Which, of course, we were. Video after the break.

[Thanks, Luis]

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