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ArenaNet adds Oppressor's Weapons to Guild Wars Hall of Monuments

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The War in Kryta in Guild Wars is long over, but we've got a lot to remember it by. Some of those memories take the form of Oppressor's Weapons, the special items offered as a reward for your character once he or she finished helping Queen Salma retake her throne.

Those were some hard-earned weapons, and ArenaNet heard the feedback loud and clear: the things deserve a place in the Hall of Monuments. "After discussing it here amongst the team, we decided to commemorate the players' hard-fought victory over the White Mantle by adding the Oppressor's weapon set to the Monument to Valor inside the Hall of Monuments. This new set will forever honor those who helped bring peace back to the troubled lands of Kryta."

So says the latest ArenaNet blog post in a move that should make a lot of players very happy. Check it out for yourself, then join the stampede to Eye of the North.

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