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Here's where Cammie Dunaway literally went

Justin McElroy

For many, working at Nintendo would be a dream job, helping to promote a brand that's been synonymous with wonder, fun and innovation for decades. So what could draw former EVP of Sales and Marketing Cammie Dunaway away from the company? We've got the answer, straight from a recent press release:
"After three years guiding kids through the virtual world of video games, Dunaway now is taking on the real-world entertainment of KidZania. Mexico-based KidZania is a global entertainment and educational phenomenon where kids explore and run a kid-sized city, complete with streets, buildings, businesses, vehicles and more."
No, we're not not shitting you. Cammie Dunaway quit Nintendo to be the mayor of a city of children in Mexico. We'll be sure to bring you the scoop when she drops a boulder on Piggy.

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