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Motorola Citrus first hands-on! (update: video!)

Sean Hollister

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The Droid Pro's certainly got the spotlight at Motorola's CTIA 2010 event, and for good reason -- this Motorola Citrus is slow and crippled by comparison. It's a iffy little entry-level device with a Blur-like UI and a fairly functional Android 2.1, but a lethargic 524MHz MSM7525 processor and 3-inch touchscreen with a resolution so small you can see individual pixels without squinting. UI browsing and surfing was laggy too, though we did like the device's comfortable-to-hold size and dedicated physical Send / End keys -- not to mention the the Backflip-like trackpad on the back. Let's hope this one arrives at a price low enough to woo the mainstream, because we're honestly having a hard time calling the Citrus a smartphone.

Update: Now with screenshots and a test image from the Citrus camera!

Update 2: Video of the Citrus and the Motorola Droid Pro after the break.

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Myriam Joire contributed to this report.

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