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New Gametech Bear peripheral sticks your DualShock 3 to a PSP Go

Did you know that the PSP Go allows you to tether a PS3 controller to the handheld, effectively doing away with the portable nature of the device but arguably improving the feel of its controls? Maybe you didn't, largely because using a separate controller for a handheld device would be ... weird. Peripheral manufacturer Gametech Bear has come up with a way around this phenomenon -- it's created a device which physically adheres the PSP Go to a DualShock 3.

Gametech plans to release the peripheral by the end of the year in Japan at a price point of 2,980 yen (or $36). Though it actually attaches the controller to the handheld, you still have to use a Bluetooth connection to tether the two devices. Here's hoping it doesn't interfere with your DualShock 3's Bluetooth connection to your top-of-the-line FutureToaster.

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