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NVIDIA starts selling own-brand GPUs at Best Buy, AIB partners left befuddled

Vlad Savov

It would seem NVIDIA is ready to take the plunge into selling its graphics cards directly to consumers. Only problem with this plan, however, is that the company has opted to partner up with Best Buy, who's started stocking its shelves with NVIDIA-branded GPUs a wee bit ahead of the official announcement. As most of us already know, NVIDIA and AMD traditionally rely on add-in-board partners to build and support the actual graphics boards, but now the (original) Green Team seems set to take those reins into its own hands. HardOCP has discovered Foxconn will be responsible for building these perfectly generic GeForces and NVIDIA is promising a pretty generous three-year warranty to go with their luxurious packaging. The company's official response to these revelations has been to say that Best Buy will be the only place the own-brand cards can be purchased and that the effort is intended as a "complement" to products from its partners. Yes, we're positive they'll see it that way too.

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