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Aion's 2.1 patch to increase drop rates

Jef Reahard

NCsoft isn't resting on its winged laurels after last month's release of its Assault on Balaurea expansion. Aion's 2.1 patch is just around the corner, judging by its debut this week on the Korean test servers and the associated patch notes that have been posted to the North American PowerWiki.

The update is brimming with the usual NPC, quest, and instance bug fixes, as well as a reduction on the prerequisites for the greater stigma quests. That said, the most interesting additions to the patch are the loot table tweaks. In a nutshell, it seems NCsoft is finally heeding the cries of players to do something about Aion's abyssmal loot drop rates. The patch notes indicate "greatly increased" drop rates on gear from instance and field bosses as well as regular mobs. There also appears to be an across-the-board hike in the drop rate of fluxes, skill manuals, and stigma stones.

While this news might drive broker prices to new levels of ridiculousness over the next little while, Aion's economy will probably look a little different after 2.1 goes live and supply overtakes demand.

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