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Facebook introduces new data backup feature, updated groups

Jacob Schulman

Face it: you've posted hundreds of drunken status messages, mobile uploads, and inside joke-laden wall posts to your Facebook, and until now, that's where they stayed. However, the social network is having a press event at its Palo Alto headquarters this morning, and has just introduced a slew of new features. Most interestingly is the new data backup feature of your personal information -- wall posts, friend lists, those new high-res photos, and other information. No doubt a response to privacy issues and complaints, you'll be able to retrieve all your possible blackmail important information in a neat .zip file with just one click from the settings page of your account. Additionally, Facebook is revamping groups to include new group chat and document editing features, while simultaneously attacking the age old problem of work / family / that one guy / friends sorting. It sort of sounds like a crowdsourced version of that lists privacy solution we described a little while ago, with Facebook assuming that your friends will build the relevant groups for you if you can't be bothered. Yeah, it's not nearly as entertaining as a Facebook phone, but on the bright side, your "muploads" are now easier than ever to keep track of. Awesome.

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