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Mercedes-Benz gets in on the factory iPad integration game, makes headrests a little smarter

Tim Stevens

You didn't think BMW would be the only one releasing hideous in-car iPad integration, did you? Mercedes-Benz, a company we previously thought had a bit more class, has released images of its strikingly similar headrest-mounted iPad docks. The idea is that the person in the back seat can comfortably use and recharge their device whilst their manservant, bodyguard, or parental guardian whisks them to their next destination. Of course, reaching forward to touch the back of the headrest in front of you is hardly an ergonomically sound position, and since that could very well be where your face ends up in a major accident we'd love to see what star rating the tablet's glass scores in a crash test. No price is given for the accessory at this point, but it'll surely be rather more accessible than the truly egregious Brabus iBusiness S Class.

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