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Motorola's phone unit starts filing with FCC under post-split name

Chris Ziegler

Divorces certainly can be long, drawn-out processes, can't they? Yes, granted, Motorola's oft-ballyhooed split into two companies is a totally amicable one designed primarily to optimize the chances of the phone unit's survival, but the fact remains that this whole process has been going on since 2008... and it's not over yet. One little step happened this week, though: the phone unit up until this point had been filing RF test reports with the FCC under the name "Motorola Inc.," but they're now filing as "Motorola Mobility, Inc.," which is the name of the phone-focused spinoff. Of course, survival can't be assured (or even be made possible) without a never-ending torrent of awesome hardware... so you're not off the hook yet, guys.

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