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Rumor: Dreamworks looking at Halo novels for film adaptation


The success of Halo: Reach has spurred interest in a Halo film again, apparently -- this time with Dreamworks. As you all know, the idea of a Halo movie has been batted around for quite a while. Spielberg was rumored to be interested and Neill Blomkamp of District 9 even spent five months working on the film.

Now it's in limbo, though a piece by Vulture offers fans hope. Dreamworks is apparently looking at novelizations of the game as source material, thus avoiding the quagmire of troubles Universal and Fox ran into sinking resources into developing a video game adaptation for the big screen. The Vulture piece says Fox and Universal resolved their issues out of court.

So by focusing on the books, Dreamworks can claim that its project is something entirely different, allowing it to bypass the hefty costs the original project accrued. Oh, and before you get your hopes up, know that even if the movie is an honest possibility, it's still a long way out: as of now, there's been no writer hired, nor has a script been produced.

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