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Sharp Lynx SH-10B is a MIDdling Android smartphone we could get behind (video)

Ross Miller

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Sharp's NTT DoCoMo-living / Android-loving Lynx SH-10B isn't brand new by any stretch -- it hit local markets in late July, and earlier this year was released on KDDI as the ISO1 -- but this week's CEATEC would be the first time we've had a chance to play around with, and given the dearth of comparable US form factors, we couldn't resist. The 5-inch 960 x 480 resolution MID / smartphone sports a pretty snappy and easy-to-use keyboard and a responsive touchscreen. Unless you've already prepared for the likes of Dell's Streak, the Lynx isn't exactly pocketable, and by our estimates, it's about twice the thickness o the iPhone 4 when closed up. The customized UI (running over what we presume is Android 1.6) is pretty unique in design, although functionally there was some minor lag in change panels and opening panes. You know the drill: pics below. Enjoy!

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