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Snoopy Flying Ace dev working on free-to-play sky combat game

Smart Bomb, the developer behind the surprisingly well-received XBLA/PSN title Snoopy Flying Ace, recently announced an upcoming collaboration with online games publisher UTV True Games. Did none of those words catch your attention? How about these: Free-to-play; flight combat; online multiplayer; Unity engine; pizza taco money. Okay, that last part has nothing to do with anything, but you're definitely paying attention now.

According to the announcement, Smart Bomb's next project is a browser-based dogfighting sim titled Sky Legends. Little is known about the game -- only that it will be built on the increasingly popular Unity engine, will feature multiplayer matches and customizable planes, and is due out in the first half of 2011. Keep an eye on the game's official site for future updates. Or this site! That works, too.

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